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Hinsdale Happenings By Poody Walsh
May 2, 2002                                                                                                                                                   Vol. V   No. 9

A $2.30 Trifecta!
By Poody Walsh

Poody Walsh

In what may have been a Hinsdale Greyhound Park record, a 6-all-all  Trifecta in the 11th race  on April 25 resulted in a payoff of just $2.30.

“That’s about as small a payoff as I’ve ever seen,” said veteran Hinsdale racing secretary Joe Sarsfield.

 All the payoffs in that race were strange as the Quiniela was an all-pay of 6-all for $3.20 and 5-all for $9.40. However, both Quiniela payoffs were larger than the Trifecta.

            The race was a Grade D event and the first half of the Twin Trifecta. The winner was LR’s Angel paying $19.60.   Then when Lpb Als New Toy paid $13.60 to place  there was every indication  that the Quiniela and Trifecta payoffs would be substantial. No so.


            This is the way the line read:

            LR’s Angel       $19.60  $9.60  $8.00

            Lpb Als New Toy           $13.60 $8.00

            Legs Questor                              $8.00


            Quiniela (6-all)                         $3.20

            Quiniela (5-all)                         $9.40

            Trifecta (6-all-all)                     $2.30

            In contrast, three days later, a $2 trifecta bet on the 1-4-6 returned  $2,806 even though the second-place dog went off at 3-1.



Did you know that….

            Greyhound racing is the sixth largest spectator sport in America.

            There are 57 greyhound tracks in North America.

            Most greyhounds begin racing at about 18 months old and continue until they are over four.

            Plastic muzzles are worn by greyhounds to protect one another and help determine the outcome in a photo finish.

            The average weight of a greyhound is between 65 and 75 pounds.

            Greyhounds have been clocked at speeds of over 45 miles per hour.

            Babe Ruth had a greyhound as a pet and sometimes took it toYankee Stadium on game days.

            The largest payoff for a single ticket is $1,127,268 for a Pick 8 at Tampa  Greyhound Track Dec. 30, 1985.

The largest purse was $152,800 by Bomb Threat in the 1996 Great American Futurity at the Woodlands in Kansas City, Kan.

            The most money paid for a stud greyhound was $500,000 for P’s Rambling who was syndicated in 1987.


Daily doubling and much more…

Daily double players with a sense for adventure made some big bucks on the afternoon of April 26 when Hallo Zesty in the first race combined with Who Knew It in the second for a 3-8 double that returned a whopping $568.80.

On that same card Micka Mouse, a 43-1 longshot won the 11th race and paid  $89 to win and combined with 2-1 Binding Offer in the 12th race for  $281.60 double.

The surprises continued in the 13th race when D and B’s Jeff  went off at 27-1 and won by almost five lengths paying $56.60 and keying a  $1,102  Trifecta.


You never know….

Some of the more successful players at Hinsdale Greyhound Park are those that use a little caution, opting to stay away from high-risk betting and putting their dollars on place and show greyhounds. While this does not usually result in a large return the risk is minimal and the chances of going home with more than you came with is pretty good.

Sometimes you can even go home with a lot more money. Take for example the 14th race on the afternoon of April 24. Pep’s Glenda, a 7-1 shot, won the race paying $17.00 to win but the place money was $65.60! That number of $65.60 came up on the board in the same race for the second place finish of 20-1 Tellmeitisntso.

Because players never know the place and show pools it is sometimes hard to determine the payoffs. Sure, the win payoff is predictable because the odds are on the board, but the place and show pools are unknown and often result in surprises.

On that same April 24 card 6-1 JRS Maggie May  in the first race  paid $15.00 to win. That was predicatable. What wasn’t was the $25.40 place money. In the 14th race that afternoon Oak Knoll Joltin went off at 3-1, finished second and paid $14.

There are a lot of surprises on that tote board..

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On Feb. 21 Hinsdale Greyhound Park conducted its annual Thoroughbred Handicapping Contest that lasted nearly six hours and was not decided until the last race of the day was over.