Hinsdale Greyhound Racing Association, Inc.

Post Office Box 27

688 Brattleboro Road

Hinsdale, NH 03451-0027

(800) NH-TRACK or (603) 336-5382

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Send an Email to: jobs@hinsdalegreyhound.com

We are always on the lookout for good employees!

What do we expect?
We are looking for people who want to enjoy coming to work, not just cashing a paycheck.  People who are eager to learn, friendly to our customers and fellow staff.  We don't want to hear about personal problems, or why you can't, or don't or won't.  We want to hear that you will......, that you will try.  A job with Hinsdale, or any employer is not a right of anyone.  You work because we want you to work for us.  





What kind of jobs?
All kinds of jobs.   From waitstaff to bartenders, tellers to program sellers, dog leadouts to maintenance, office help to restaurant help.......   we are always looking for good people willing to demonstrate they can be great employees who serve our customers.




What are Pay Rates?
Pay varies depending on the job, and your demonstration on a daily basis of how well you do your job.   Tellers, Dog Handlers (Leadouts), Maintenance start at $7 hr.  Bartenders and Dishwashers $6.  Waitresses $5-7.   





What would my shift be?
We work all shifts.  We require our staff to work weekends and nights.  Many holidays are required shifts, except for Christmas and Thanksgiving when we are closed.   We are a leisure time entertainment provider.  That means when others are off, we are on!






Okay, How do I apply?
Easy!  Just apply in-person to our front-office any Wednesday through Sunday from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M.  We will ask you to fill out our standard application.  You are also welcome to bring a resume. Depending on the job you may be seeking and the jobs we have available, we may be able to give you a short interview on the spot.





How about my References?
We do check references.  We will ask prior employers how well you interacted with others such as customers and staff.  We will ask about your attitude.  We will inquire as to whether you were prompt, appeared for all shifts, and didn't call in saying you couldn't work.   Most importantly, would they rehire you? 




In Conclusion........  

To sum it up..... If you are a good employee looking to work with lots of customers and fellow staff, have something to offer, and anxious to learn, not only will you find a job here you probably like......  you also will have it for as long as you want it!   Several of our top people started out in maintenance, as tellers, or leadouts.  Now they are in the group of people who run our operation.  You can go as far as you really want to here at Hinsdale Greyhound Park.   


And you can bet on that!


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