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Notes on Greyhounds and Greyhound Racing

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Hinsdale Greyhound Park celebrates its 30th anniversary next March.

Greyhound racing is the sixth largest spectator sport in the United States.

Greyhound racing is legal in 18 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin (Nevada and South Dakota do not conduct greyhound racing at this time).

There are 48 greyhound racetracks in the United States, as well as numerous tracks around the world, including Ireland, England and Australia.

In the late 1800s, greyhounds were imported to America to destroy jackrabbits, which were ravishing crops in the Great Plains.

Owen Patrick (O.P.) Smith invented the mechanical lure in 1912.

The first circular greyhound racetrack opened in 1919 in Emeryville, California.

Greyhound racing is called the "Sport of Queens," in honor of Queen Elizabeth I.

A greyhound is capable of reaching peak speeds of 45-miles per hour and is the second-fastest land animal to the cheetah.

Every greyhound must be registered, as well as have a registered owner and be from a registered racing kennel that has a contract with a racetrack.

A greyhound's racing name is not his real name because yelling his or her real name during a race could interfere with performance.

Two hours before post time each greyhound is weighed and their weight cannot vary more than 1 and 1 pounds from their set weight.

State or country law regulates all U.S. race meets. Members and officials of the state's racing commission enforce statues.

The fastest official 5/16ths-mile clocking at a U.S. racetrack is 29.33, posted by Be My Bubba, August 5, 2000 at Bluffs Run (Iowa)

Be My Bubba ran-out the most career purse earnings with a bankroll of $365,734.

JR's Ripper holds the record for most career wins with 143 at Multnomah (Oregon) and Tucson (Arizona).

Celebrity greyhound owners have included Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth and Bo Derek.

Greyhounds existed more than 4000 years ago and were pets and hunters of many Pharaohs.

Pictures of this noble breed were etched on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs. Greyhounds are mentioned in Holy Scriptures (Proverbs 30:20-31).

Upon the death of a greyhound, owners would shave their heads, bury family valuables with the greyhound, and mourn for a month.

Greyhounds were considered nobility: The only dog Arabs permitted to ride atop their camels and share their tents. The birth of a greyhound was second only in importance to the birth of a son.

More than 3500 years ago greyhounds arrived in England. In 1014, King Canute enacted the Forest Laws, which established that only noblemen could own and hunt with greyhounds.

Queen Elizabeth I was the first "greyhound racetrack owner." In the 1500s she abolished the Forest Laws and initiated the first formal rules of coursing (greyhound's pursuit of hares).

A litter of greyhounds usually ranges between 5 to 9 puppies.

The name of a greyhound may not exceed 16 characters and cannot be the same as that of another greyhound.

The average meal for a racing greyhound consists of 2 to 2 pounds of ground meat, vegetables and roughage. Vitamins also supplement their diet.

Pari-mutuel racing means people betting against people. More than 80-percent of wagers are returned to the public with deductions going to the racetrack for operating expenses and profits, state, and purses.

The highest single race purse earnings is $155,134 by Tom S Green Mile, May 28, 2001 in the Great American Greyhound Futurity at The Woodlands (Kansas).

Greyhounds are muzzled not because they are vicious animals. To the contrary, they are considered one of the most docile breed of canines. Muzzles are used to prevent overzealous play in the turnout pen and during the heat of action during a race, in addition to assisting in the determining photo finishes.

JJ Doc Record set the mark for most wins in a single season, 63, and most consecutive victories, 37, in 1995 at Mobile (Alabama).

The most money paid for a greyhound is $500,000 for P's Rambling, bought for stud servicing by a syndicate in 1986 by James Paul.

Jamies Simoneyes (Victoryland and Mobile) has the dubious distinction of having the most starts without a win, 170.

Mo Kick (1991-93), Perceive (1981-83), L.L.'s Franklin (1967-69), Miss Whirl (1965-67) and Westy Whizzer (1964-66) are the only 3-time All-America Team members.

The largest single ticket payoff was $1,127,268 for a Pick 8 at Tampa in 1985.

The largest $2.00 win payoff was $657.60, Special Strike, in 1996 at Mile High (Colorado).

The highest single performance attendance mark is 35,000, Multnomah (Oregon), 1933.

Rural Rube is considered the Babe Ruth of greyhound racing having put the sport on the map in the forties.

A totalisator machine is a computerized system that records the mounts of wagers, calculates the odds, and displays them on screens throughout racetrack facilities and on the toteboard.

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